From Bambrick Studios March 31 2015

Paul has this great diorama for sale Its an ideal way to showcase your latest model. Contact Paul via his website for details.

Branch Line Display Case

cottage puffer

This new O gauge case diorama features a stretch of single line on a low embankment, passing an idyllic half timbered cottage surrounded by woodland.  The header picture shows the full 750mm width, and it will accommodate a small locomotive with a carriage or pick up goods as a display subject.  Contact me from the menu and give me a call if you like the look of it.

for sale

This view of the case diorama has a Stirling eight foot single taking the stage to give an idea of the scale. The case has a completely clear upper cover and a gloss black base, it would suit a collector of 7mm scale branch line stock.

for sale 2