GWR 517-Castle update January 23 2018

The first batch of 517’s were shipped and will be with us for the Bristol show. We will contact you if yours in this batch. The second batch is being prepared for shipping however  it will not have cleared customs in time for the show.

Each customer will be individually contacted to arrange shipping. This is done by DHL 24 hr courier service for the U.K.  Shipping is only carried out Monday-Thursday. Foreign orders are shipped direct from the factory. And you will be contacted to arrange this.

Our models are always very well packed and are screwed to a thick plastic base and surrounded by foam.

Models ready for packing.



Primote brought the Castle pilot sample to my builder SMT so I could see progress. Other than a few minor details and fitting of the Faulhaber motor it will be ready for me to pick up next month. We will then take time to study the sample and make all necessary correction comments and update the drawings. Corrections to the sample will be made and it will be painted, fitted with DCC sound and thoroughly tested before I allow production to commence.