BR 9F & Dean Goods update April 27 2018

Progress continues!

When we started the GWR 517 with the company we had been with from the start we did not realise it would take three builders to make this project! As HK went under we moved the 517 to another builder, who soon showed they could not make the project to the required standard. At that time the staff at HK were finishing the coach sets. We ended up paying the staff and suppliers directly to get the coaches finished. Thankfully Mr Song agreed to set up business with us and the HK staff followed him. Now he and his staff are producing the best models to a realistic schedule and are bang on time with the Dean goods. We have our work cut out trying to keep up with them!

Mr Lo of Primote and his team continue to work hard and put up with my endless demands...

Malcolm Mitchell and I have almost finished our correction comments for the GWR Castle sample. Once the model has been corrected we will hand it over to John Edwards and Bob Meanley and let them scrutinise it. Then Cliff and Bryan will deal with the DCC sound and running. After that its the big task of correcting all the versions ready for full production.

Its often a long hard road to get these models made and we really do appreciate the kind comments and support from our customers. It makes the job worth the effort.

Thanks to everyone that helps out. Now back to sorting out the research for the Southern Pacific GS-4!


BR 9F.

Various types of 9F frames. These are all different


Dean Goods

Dean Goods loco wheel centres

no clues....

Loco footplates

Cab floors

B4 fireboxes back from the press shop

S2, S4 and B4 boilers