BR 9F update July 13 2018

Just finished my visit to Primote. It was great to work one on one with the staff to check over the detailing and clear up information for the paint shop.

The ladies going over painting details. Our sample models are still used to clear up any detail errors etc even at this late stage. Even with the 3D Primote drawings use, models are still hand soldered in brass. So a sample helps both them and us to find any potential issues.

Here I am using a 2D print out of the GOD to check that the piping is correct on this production  Tyne dock 9F. Bit of a plumbers nightmare!


Different production versions painted ready for the lettering and numbering. I can then check all is ok so they can complete the rest of the models.

Here we have all the loco bodies ready for paint and trays of painted loco frames, tender frames, cylinders etc