Castle update July 08 2021

This week sees the finalisation of the design work. We now have 36 versions to cover the variations in this project!

It's not been an easy process doing all this by Skype and email during the pandemic. As many of you know I would visit the factory several times a year and sit with my designer and work on all the various details. Having done a professional course on AutoCad it has allowed me to do some drawing corrections myself to assist the designer. And we now have drawings I am happy with.

I will need to know if you have a preference for a shed code so the plates can be sorted and etched.

Now they will begin organising the orders for the etched parts whilst some final changes are made to the part drawings for the patterns.

Below is an example of our Period 1, 1930's Castle and a late BR period 5 Castle, with double chimney and mechanical lubricator.

Below are all the brass wheel centres now machined. The crankpins and plain axles are now on order with the CNC company. After that, assembly and painting.