Castle Update June 23 2022

Progress continues with the loco bodies being painted and the main frame inside motion being assembled.

The reservation price ends on 31st July. £3300 inc VAT

From 1st August price increases to £3475 inc VAT

Available loco update,
Period 2 SOLD OUT
Last Period 4 (early BR totem) available - 5063 Earl Baldwin, Collett  4000g Tender    
loco bodies being painted.
ignore the odd colour, that's just a picture taken under florescent lights!
backheads in the process of being painted
last of the tender frames being assembled, wiring is for the tender pickups, next speakers get added
a speaker is also fitted into the loco smokebox, same as our previous tender locos.
Faulhaber motors and CNC milled enclosed gearboxes assembled
inside motion assembly underway
rods assembled to the CNC machined crank axles
lots of fiddly inside motion parts!
more updates soon