Castle Update July 23 2021

The designer is now working on the individual part drawings and making corrections were necessary. The main PART drawing contains drawings for every single component, of all 36 versions being made in this project, right down to the springs and washers! The builder has to compile spreadsheets with the number of castings and etches required across the versions. Once these are double checked they place the orders. The first parts to be ordered are normally the etches. The etches that requiring forming, such as the fireboxes, boilers etc will go the a press company. The formers having already been made for the pilot model. Hundreds of components will be delivered over the next few weeks and we will post photos here as they come in and assembly starts.

Delivery will start in December. I will be going to Korea for inspection before delivery as a project as complex as this must be checked. I am asking for two production samples to be painted and shipped ahead of the main shipping so the DCC settings can be checked and running quality can be checked.


We have been informed the STEAM exhibition at Swindon in September has been cancelled for 2021.

We still have a table booked for the Reading trade show in December this year, which will hopefully go ahead.