General Update November 30 2019

After a good visit to our builder, we can report projects are moving forward.

The Castle tenders, now complete have been sent to the paint shop for painting and lining. The castle frames are well advanced and the bogies are being made. Time was taken to go over numerous details on the huge production matrix. The next stage is for my final alteration to be made to the loco body drawings. Once done we will print off a side view for each customer so you can see exactly what you are getting.

Only small corrections were needed on the GWR K14/15 project and work starts on the underframes next week.


I have asked for some corrections to the GWR 850 sample, including the larger safety valve bonnet to be fitted. Once completed the model will be painted in the Wolverhampton livery in time for the 2020 Bristol show.

punched rivets on the tanks and inside motion

with the K14 PBV. A laser-cut wooden floor will be added after painting.

inside motion detail.

Models ready to ship

Stocks of our coaches are down to the following,

C17 all third 1912 (lined crimson lake) remaining 

C17 all third 1922 ( lined brown and cream) 3 remaining 

BR 9F stock is down to 11 models.

a beautiful example of weathering on our model by Martyn Welch

A selection of our SECR D class remains in stock for immediate delivery