General Update January 05 2019

Work is about to start at SMT on making samples for the three different tender types for the GWR Castle. Once approved the tenders will go into full production for this project. From these samples the Collett 4000g will be used for the production sample model which will be painted. This will be 5029 Nunney Castle.

GWR 850

John Glaze has joined the team to work on the GWR 850 project. He brings a wealth of prototype knowledge with him. Helping us make the project as accurate as possible.


Box design and some other issues are being worked out with the 9F builder at present. These will all be resolved so please bare with us.

photos below are a reminder that the models are made.

SECR D class

Progress continues at a good pace of the SECR D class at SMT. 

Locomotive numbers are now fixed for this project. Please see the project page.

Loco parts ready for assembly

Assembled now ready for chimneys etc

Painted and lined driving wheels

 Painted tender body ready for lining

SP GS-4 tender patterns for our 1:48 USA pilot sample