GWR CASTLE July 06 2019

Work is progressing well on the Castle project with the production sample almost complete, thanks to the hard work of Mr. Song and his team at SMT. Although SMT has already produced superb models for us we believe the Castle is another leap forward, with a huge amount of research undertaken by Lee and Malcolm Mitchell. And all the production models will have the beautifully CNC machined coupling and connecting rods by Anthony Duarte in California. Thanks to my good buddy Jimmy Booth of PBL/GPM for hooking us up with Anthony.

Please don't hesitate to make your reservation for your favorite Castle as we have very little time left to make any changes to suit your chosen model.

Why not have a look at the models made by our exclusive builder SMT that are available from stock now.

GWR Dean Goods click here

GWR Clerestory coaches click here

SECR Wainwright D click here

Photos showing current progress below

production sample waiting on the CNC machined real copper chimney cap

a reminder of the superb quality of the CNC machined rods

some of the custom made CNC machined gearbox sides

tender frames at the paint shop

tender bodies under construction