GWR Clerestory Coaches January 21 2019

The remaining stock is listed below with some versions almost sold out.

We will have stock with us at the Bristol show this Sunday

E53 1st-2nd class 1898 livery. SOLD OUT

E54 1st-3d class 1912 (lined crimson lake) 4 remaining 

E54 1922  1st-3d class (lined brown and cream) 3 remaining 

E54 1927 (brown and cream). SOLD OUT

C17 All third, 1898 (lined brown and cream) 10 remaining 

C17 1912 (lined crimson lake) 7 remaining 

 C17 1922 ( lined brown and cream) 4 remaining 

C17 1927 (brown and cream). SOLD OUT