GWR K14-15 July 29 2019

I have now had the final costings for this project and the total amount of the run. Building costs have increased and the £ has not recovered from it's low against the Korean Won in 2016, so the price has had to have a small increase, which includes all existing orders. Rest assured you will be getting our unbeaten quality and if you are in doubt just look at the superb work SMT have delivered already. 

These are the last pieces of rolling stock we will be making for the UK market so don't hesitate and reserve the version of your choice now.

We will make a total of 180 of these vans spread across two diagrams and four liveries. 1898 lined brown & cream, 1912 (Lake), 1922 lined brown & cream, 1927 brown & cream.

Price £995 inc VAT for reservation holders.

Post-production price £1095 inv VAT

K14 sample drawing

K15 sample drawing

pilot sample parts