Reading Trade Show October 08 2021

News from the organisers of the trade show.


Trade Show Saturday 4th December 2021

Prior to the issue of our formal club communication, many of you may have heard, through the jungle telegraph, that Reading is cancelled this year.

The Trade Show has not yet been cancelled, but will not take place at the Rivermead Centre in Reading.

An unexpected late offer of an alternative venue was made last week and we are evaluating this offer this week. We will make an announcement as soon as possible on whether the show will go ahead.

The loss of the Reading venue was due to factors beyond our control. The situation is that since the Rivermead Leisure Centre has returned to near normal after the Covid lockdown, a new management structure has been put in place. This has resulted in the event organisers not being retained at Rivermead.

Over the months since last April our Reading manager has been unsuccessful in securing any commitment from the Centre, neither financially nor contractually. We also became aware after a big event at Rivermead in mid-September that the situation regarding car parking had significantly deteriorated compared to what we had been told would be the case, when the build of the new Leisure Centre started. We decided we could not wait any longer and left us no alternative but to cancel the show. We have also heard from another source that a similar situation has had the same outcome.

We do, however, intend to keep in touch with the new Leisure Centre management group with the view of holding future Trade show events in the new Leisure centre being built next to the existing one.

An unexpected offer of a location for the show has been received last week and we are currently reviewing having a show on the 4th December in a high quality venue off the M3, with good transport links and parking. This may or may not materialise, so please keep checking with our website for the latest information. We are doing this as fast as we can and we will communicate the results as soon as possible.

If we can secure the venue we would hope you would give the Show and the Traders your full support as you have done in the past and hopefully many of you will attend on the day.
Thank you for your support in the past, stay safe and we hope to see you all in December 2021
Last Updated 8th October 2021