UPDATE February 06 2018

The GWR 517's arrive on Friday and will be with us on Monday. After inspection we will start shipping.

Inside motion on the 517's. Not so visible with the body on, however you know its been modeled.

GWR Dean Goods

This project is now in production. The first stage is construction of the tenders.

Photos will follow soon.

Malcolm Mitchell sent us some photos of the chassis from his inspection of the model.


GWR Castle

The first interim payments will be due on this project later this month. As this is a complex project it will take time to check the sample and all of the drawings for required corrections.

Once that process is done it will be handed to Cliff Williams and Bryan Robertson to have the DCC sound fitted and set up. Then it will be thoroughly tested on Cliff's railway.

After that we go into full production.

BR 9F 

Production continues with the tenders all completed they will be inspected before painting. Soldering has started on the frames and after the Asian New Year  (Lunar New Year) celebrations are over we will have photos of these.