Update 06/01/18 January 06 2018

The Dean Goods page is being updated and will be back up next week.


The 517's are now having the speakers and decoders fitted and that will be them complete ready for inspection on my arrival 17th of this month.

Work continues on the GWR Castle pilot sample,

We are introducing a new series to our our range.

The Victorian & Edwardian Collection.

Because SMT is our builder and works for nobody else they are open to new ideas. We have long wanted to do some of the classic pre-grouping locomotives that are just not possible in the larger standard production runs.

Now we can do short runs of 60 models of a particular prototype. Within the agreement with SMT only 1-2 detail versions and 1-2 liveries are possible, otherwise it becomes cost prohibitive.

Our first locomotive which will go into production this summer and be ready for inspection this December is the,

SECR D Class 4-4-0