Update 08-11-2019 November 08 2019

GWR Castle

SMT has been busy working on the GWR Castle. Work on the frames is almost complete now. I will be in Korea to inspect the work before painting. Final small detail correction are being made to the loco bodies before production.


Testing and shipping continues with this project. Martyn has been busy weathering a number of models for customers.

Limited number of stock models for sale.

GWR K14-15

I will be collecting the brass samples this month for inspection and checking.

GWR 850

Corrections are now being made to the drawings with the kind assistance of John Glaze. I have asked for the pilot sample to be painted in the Wolverhampton livery. I am currently working on the paint layout for SMT.

GWR Clerestory coaches

We only have 6 models remaining for this project.


Now that the General design is complete for the NYC Niagara my designer can progress with the drawing for the 4MT.


 The pilot model will be handed to SMT for corrections to the design.

GWR Dean Goods

Only 6 models remain.

SECR D class

Limited number of models remaining

Our next show is Bristol 26th Jan 2020 followed by Swindon in September as more time is being spent in the USA.

Our final projects for the UK market are listed on the homepage menu. No further production runs will be made after these. We will in future concentrate on smaller runs of 10-20.


Progress on the Castle

lots of frames!

Outside and inside cylinders

loco brake rigging

painting of tender bodies and frames