Update November 02 2018

The updates have been quiet recently due to me going on a trekking holiday in the Wudang mountains in China. I am currently sitting in Amsterdam airport waiting for my final flight home!

All went well with both inspection visits at SMT and Primote.

First off the Dean Goods are shipping next to me as I return to work next week. This will be followed by the 9F.

Further updates to follow.

Dean Goods packed and ready to ship.

Various 9F tenders ready to pack. 

After testing we found due to the models being sprung the rear shaft required trimming so as not to rub on the firebox top.

Primote have now done this and the motors are being refitted to all the chassis. This is what our testing and inspection is for. To catch any issues and sort them before shipping.

Completed frames waiting on the motors being refitted 

Evening Star tenders all ready for packing.

Production Evening star photo by Cliff

The SECR D class project is now in full production as we made all the corrections. Next job is to paint the sample