Update August 07 2020

I have been working on the spec sheets for Castle customers. At present, I am waiting for the designer to correct some details. The cab variations have taken a while to sort. Normally made much easier during one of my visits to Korea. Just not possible this year. The cabs had the vertical angle irons on the outside with brass beading, then on the inside with beading and in BR days flush. This meant the spectacle plates moved forward. It means, even for a small change a variation in our footplate and firebox etches! The other detail has been the angular BR backhead. We have a drawing for this now and I am waiting on detailed drawings from the designer to check.

Here is an example of the spec sheet that each customer will be sent. The idea is you can double-check your details and if happy return a copy. This is my way of making sure we don't get details mixed up on what is a very complex project.

We are waiting on the GWR K14/15 wheels to be finished and delivered. This will allow the bogies to be assembled whilst the bodies are being painted and lined.

After painting and lining the small parts such as door handles etc are fitted then the coaches are finished with clear lacquer.

Finally, a BR 9F weathered for a customer by Lee in late worn condition.