LNER A1 & A3 Pacifics

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UPDATED 20/10/2020
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LNER A1 & A3 Pacifics

Only 60 models will be made.

Please note this project will be completed by Masterpiece Models. See LATEST NEWS

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Total Price £3495 inc VAT. (Outside UK & EU £)

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post-production price £3600 inc VAT


BR Pilot Sample. The sample is used to make corrections on 3D CAD drawings. After that, a painted production sample is made for final checking. Then full production begins.

Inspired by the Pennsylvania Railroads K4, Gresley designed this iconic class of locomotives starting with A1 Great Northern named after the parent company. The class developed over time into the much-loved A3's. We aim to capture the sleek appearance of these mainline racehorses. From the lightweight motion to the slender large driving wheels. This is a project we are very excited to make for you, the discerning collector and modeller. Only Flying Scotsman remains in preservation now. We offer a large selection of names and cover many of the detail changes found in this class over its long life.

Use the list of drop-down options to choose your favourite locomotive

research work to allow the first design to be made is now complete. Working reversing on the valve gear which has been standard since our first project

Choice of locomotive names is now fixed to allow the project to advance.

Choices of tenders will remain open to you until the pilot model has been made. After this, all choices will be fixed


  • Period 1 (Code P1) 1923 LNER lined green, number on tender, GNR loading gauge 

  • Period 2 (Code P2) 1928-41 LNER lined green, number on the cab side, reduced LNER loading gauge

  • Period 3 (Code P3) 1949-51 BR lined blue

  • Period 4 (Code P4) 1951-56 BR Lined green, early emblem

  • Period 5 (Code P5) 1957-66 BR lined green, late crest


     Details Covered

    • Smokebox variations

    • 4 tenders

    • working inside motion

    • boiler variations

    • safety valve positions

    • cab side cutouts

    • short and long travel valve gear

    • frame variations

    • left & right driver positions

    • smoke deflectors

    • BR AWS

    Product Details

    • Carefully researched and designed using over 100 original works drawings and the latest CAD design packages

    • Hand made in brass with all construction carried out  by our builder SMT, allowing the very best of quality control

    • Baked cellulose painting for a hard-wearing finish

    • Fully detailed cab interior with brass and copper pipes. The cab fittings and pipes are not painted or plated

    • High level of fine detail with variations covered such as return cranks etc

    • Punched rivet detail made with CAD-designed jigs

    • Fully enclosed Gearboxes designed specifically for the project paired with high quality coreless motors

    • Ball bearings and springing to all driving axles

    • Full working inside motion

    • Working reversing on the valve gear

    • All brass fittings such as injectors are polished and varnished, rather than painted

    • Copper wire used for pipe detail, not painted wire

    • Inside frame detail

    • Lamps and fire irons

    • All models are fitted with DCC sound and can also be run on DC (no sound) by the simple use of a blanking plug

    • Auto coupler for the loco to tender

    • 6-foot minimum radius is required due to the high level of detail

    • Scale 7 available

    • Model length for display TBA

    • Limited warranty to cover repairs as a result of normal usage, following our handling and running guidelines to the original owner.

    • The DCC decoders are configured with default settings on delivery if you let us know the DCC address you wish we can make all the settings including the address default, so if you have a problem then change CV8 to 8 will reset it entirely to the Lee Marsh Model co settings


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