BR 9F 2-10-0

Price: £3000 inc. VAT | Deposit: £500

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Residents outwith the UK & EU pay no VAT.

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BR 9F 2-10-0 

Now in production

Sample model

These will be stunning models with the highest possible level of detail and finish complete with DCC sound factory fitted.

Total price £3000. (Price outside UK & EU 2500 GBP).


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A deposit of £500 is required to reserve a model. Leaving the final payment of £2500 before delivery. ( customers can pay varied amounts before delivery to reduce the final payment) Cheques payable to Lee Marsh. Due 2017 

Reservations that are cancelled will incur a £50 administration fee.

Numbered edition run of 100 models. Choose from locomotives fitted with the selection of tenders listed.
VER 1 BR 1C 4725G Tender fitted locos. 8 Available
VER 2 BR 1F 5625G Tender fitted locos. 8 Available
VER 3 BR 1G 5000G Inset type. 92220 Evening Star 2 remaining
VER 4 BR 1G 5000G Tender fitted locos. SOLD OUT
VER 5 BR 1B 4725G Tender Tyne Dock westinghouse pumps 2 Available



Select the model of your choice from the details listed below.

Product Details

  • Carefully researched and designed using over 100 original works drawings and the latest 3D CAD design packages
  • Hand made in brass with all construction carried out  by Primote, allowing the very best of quality control
  • Baked cellulose painting for a hard wearing finish
  • Fully detailed cab interior with brass and copper pipes. The cab fittings and pipes are not painted or plated
  • High level of fine detail with variations covered such as return cranks etc
  • Punched rivet detail made with CAD designed jigs
  • Fully enclosed Gearboxes designed specifically for the project paired with high quality coreless motors
  • Ball bearings and springing to all axles
  • Working reversing on the valve gear
  • All brass fittings such as injectors are polished and varnished, rather than painted
  • Copper wire used for pipe detail, not painted wire
  • Inside frame detail
  • Lamps and fire irons
  • All models are factory fitted with DCC sound (using ESU decoders & Cliff Williams speakers) and can also be run on DC (no sound) by simple use of a blanking plug
  • Auto coupler for loco to tender
  • 6 foot minimum radius is required due to the high level of detail
  • Model length for display 472mm
  • Limited warranty to cover repairs as a result of normal usage, following our handling and running guidelines to the original owner.
  • The DCC decoders are configured with default settings on delivery, if you let us know the DCC address you wish we can make all the settings including the address default, so if you have a problem then change CV8 to 8 will reset it entirely to the Lee Marsh Model Co Settings

Product Description

Locomotive numbers according to versions are from the initial allocations.
VER 1 LMR 92015-92019  LMR 92045-92059  LMR 92077-92086  LMR 92100-92139  LMR 92150-92164.
VER 2 ER 92010-92014  ER 92030-92044  ER 92067-92076  ER 92087-92096  ER 92140-92149  ER 92168-92202.
VER 3 92220 Evening Star. BR lined green with copper cap double chimney. 
VER 4 WR 92000-92007  LMR 92008/9  WR 92203-92250. With ATC, GWR lamp irons.
VER 5 ER 92060-92066  92097 -92099
The majority where fitted with single chimneys and the following with double chimneys,
92165-92167*, 92178, 92183-92250*
92000- 92002, 92005-6 fitted in 1960.
(92165-92167 fitted with BR 1K as built and 92250 Giesl fitted as built. These are not covered in our build)
Rebuilt Crosti boilered (this will be part of a separate batch of models depending on interest)

92220 Evening Star was allocated to the following sheds, Cardiff Canton 3/60. 86C, Bath S&D 8/62. 82F, Old Oak 10/62. 81A, Oxford 11/62. 81F, Bath S&D 8/63, Cardiff East Dock 11/63. 88A
Details covered
  • four frame shapes including first 15 fitted with deeper cutout at the rear
  • early style twin steps below the smoke box and later single step
  • lamp irons variations including GWR style and later lowered positions
  • BR AWS and WR ATC fittings including cab interior variations
We are making a one off model of Black Prince, the artist David Shepherds locomotive. All proceeds will go to his Wildlife foundation. This model will go to the foundation to be sold.