Coach Auto Couplers. Available now

Residents outwith the UK & EU pay no VAT.

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from £15.00 inc. VAT

Two sizes of coupler are available.

Type 1. 6' Radius and over

Type 2. Under 6' radius 

The couplers come with springs, screws and packing washers if you need to adjust the distance between your coaches. They are made to be a direct replacement for the scale screw link couplers on our coaches. We recommend you keep the scale couplers on the front and rear of the train to maintain scale appearance. 

Installation file click here

You will need a fine Philips head screwdriver.

We use Wiha PicoFinish 261 P drivers which fit perfectly on the metric screws used by the Korean builders. Part number 00513 PH000 or 00512 PH00