LMS/BR Rebuilt Royal Scots

Price: £3200 inc. VAT | Deposit: £250

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 LMS Rebuilt Royal Scots

We need 50% reservations for this project to go ahead, so if your are still thinking of having a model, reserve now!

Cost £3200 inc VAT.  (Outside UK &EU £2666.67) £250 deposit to reserve the locomotive of your choice. 100 models will be made in this numbered edition.


All reserved models will stay at the original price. 

The names available are now listed, if you would like the name and number of your choice then reserve now!

The Lee Marsh Model Company is very proud to announce the introduction of a new precision RTR model that will not only gladden the hearts of LMS enthusiasts, but will also appeal to the collector who really appreciates this fine example of sleek design from the great CME Sir William Stanier.

With the natural wear and tear on the Royal Scots and issues with the leakage in the built up smokeboxes a decision was made to rebuilt using the tapered 2A boiler. Many other details were also changed from frame plates to coupling rods. All these details will be covered. Having proven that we can do the Stanier locomotives justice with our Jubilees and Princess Royals we think these fine locomotives are a must for all LMS fans.

Cad drawings have been produced in 2D and the next stage is 3D drawings and a pilot model.

Production will cover: 
LMS 6100-6179 & BR 46100-46179


  • Version 1 LMS Post War 1946 Lined Black. Locos 6103,6108,6112,6115,6117,6118,6121,6124,6131,6133,6147 
  • Version 2 BR  Lined Black with British Railways on the tender 
  • Version 3 BR 1949-56 Lined Green with Early Totem 
  • Version 4 BR 1957-66 Lined Green with later Crest and the option of AWS, speedo, warning flashes and yellow cab stripe  (loco's with yellow stripe 46115,22,25,28,40,48,52,55,56,60,62,65,66)

Production details 

We take care of all of these details for you the customer as its our job to do the research!

  • Coupling rods, three types, early fluted with square front boss, fluted with round front boss and plain with round front boss
  • Wheels, most fitted with Stanier V rim bogie wheels and plain Fowler drivers
  • Balance weights, a variety due to experiments made on the prototypes to deal with rough riding
  • Topfeed covers early and later 1950's fitted curved top version
  • Smokebox front ring plain and later with twin row of rivets on the lower part
  • Smokebox lamp brackets lowered on locos for running under overhead wires in the late 1960's. Loco's 46115, 46128, 46152, 46160, 46166
  • Piston valve guide, early type and later built up type
  • Smoke deflectors, early loco's with no deflectors, LMS fitted deflectors and 46106 BR deflector fitted 1954

 Together we will aim to make you the finest Royal Scot with superb performance, durability and crisp sound with Cliff Williams and Bryan Robertson.

So please do make your reservation now to make sure we can provide you with what will be arguably the finest model made to exacting standards that will look, sound and run just like all the other models we have produced.

We hope this video will illustrate how well our most recent LMS Patriot can run, with thanks to a friend testing one of our models last week in his stunning garden layout: 


Product Details

  • Carefully researched and designed using original drawings and the latest CAD design packages
  • Hand made in brass with all construction carried out  by SMT of S. Korea, allowing the very best of quality control
  • Fully detailed cab interior
  • punched rivet detail made with CAD designed jigs
  • Fully enclosed Gearboxes designed specifically for the project paired with high quality coreless motors
  • Ball bearings and springing to all axles
  • Nickel Silver motion
  • Full working inside motion
  • Working reversing on the valve gear
  • Lamps and fire irons
  • All models are fitted with DCC sound and can also be run on DC (no sound) by simple use of a blanking plug
  • Auto coupler for loco to tender
  • Scale 7
  • 6 foot minimum radius is required due to the high level of detail
  • Limited warranty to cover repairs as a result of normal usage, following our handling and running guidelines to the original owner.
  • The DCC decoders are configured with default settings on delivery, if you let us know the DCC address you wish we can make all the settings including the address default, so if you have a problem then change CV8 to 8 will reset it entirely to the Lee Marsh Model Co Settings
  • etched plates by Severnmill