GWR K14/15 Passenger brake van

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page updated 07-05-2020
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GWR K14/15 Passenger Brake Van

Available now from stock in 32mm 0 gauge. 

Don't miss your chance to have the last of our high-quality brass handmade passenger stock!

All versions are available. 6 1898 K14 versions remain.

K15 in 1898 livery

K14 in 1898 livery

K14 in 1912 crimson lake livery. SOLD OUT

K15 in 1922 livery

K14 in 1927 livery

prototype K15 at the head of a train of clerestory coaches

Paint Liveries

  • c.1898 painted in the fully lined brown and cream livery. 
  • c.1912 crimson lake
  • c.1922 livery of fully lined brown and cream
  • c. 1927 plain brown and cream with a black line at waist level
  • Examples of the liveries (not the same diagrams) with 1898 at the top

 Construction Details

  • All brass construction featuring our superb build quality and high level of detail
  • ball bearings for free running bogies
  • oven baked cellulose paint finish
  • working corridor connections
  • detailed interiors
  • LED lighting
  • Interior can be accessed for the fitting of figures

Payment details

 price £1195 inv VAT



Models can be ordered directly from our website which includes the options for credit/debit card payments. Other payment options include  - Cash, Bank transfer (BACS) or personal cheques made payable to Lee Marsh. See our website or write to us for a current list of available locomotive names and liveries.

Our thanks go to John Lewis, Keith Ettle and members of the Great Western Study Group assistance with this project.