Castle test run January 22 2023

Thanks to Cliff Williams for a video showing a production model under test.

GWR Castle Period 3 version January 12 2023

Castle Update December 28 2022

Shipping will commence in January. We will attend the Kettering show and we will be happy to deliver there.

pictured below. Another BR variant. 5077 with single chimney and Hawksworth tender.


850 Update December 21 2022

Drawing corrections are almost complete for the production sample. This will be started after the Asian New Year celebrations.

GWR Castle Update December 02 2022

Completed models ready for testing by Cliff Williams, Cliff will now finalise the DCC settings and test the running of the models.

Production test model October 05 2022

This is the Period 1 model that will be used to set up the DCC decoder files and will be test run for any issues.

GWR 850 June 15 2022

As we near completion of the GWR Castle project, preliminary work has started with another builder on the 850 project. They are taking the 2D drawings and converting them to 3D which not only makes checking easier but they can be used to make the 3D printed lost wax patterns. Sample parts are shown below. The rods are nickel silver and very nice.

The production sample will be a Version 2, Swindon 3 panel tank.

More news soon. 


Weathered GWR 61XX March 24 2022

Neil Podbery has done a very fine job of weathering one of our GWR 61xx models.

photo by D Thomas on Bucks Hill.

GWR Passenger brake vans March 18 2022

We now have only 5 1898 K14 non-corridor PBV's and 4 1927 K14 non-corridor PBV's remaining. All 1927 livery K15 PBV's are sold out.


1898 K15

1927 K14

Last GWR PBV in 1912 crimson lake livery January 06 2021

This is the last of the crimson lake models. Corridor K15. #1097

Available now for immediate dispatch  click here 

SOLD! Don't wait until it's to late folks to get the last coaches of this quality! 

GWR K14 running on Bucks Hill December 30 2020

Kevin Wilson sent a short clip of his 1912 livery K14 running on his layout

Weathered SECR D Class by Martyn Welch December 02 2020

GWR K14 (non corridor) & K15 (corridor) passenger brake vans are available from stock November 20 2020

GWR K14/15 at Snow Hill ! November 04 2020

Thanks to Michael Price for this picture of his newly delivered PBV’s on his Snow Hill diorama 

K15 running on Bucks Hill October 07 2020

Weathered 9F October 02 2020

Scale 7 9F weathered by Neil Podberry

GWR K14/15 PBV September 22 2020

Only 3 days left until the reservation discount price ends! £995 inc VAT until 30th September.

 The full price will be £1195 inc VAT from October 1st.

Weathered GWR C17 in 1927 livery by Martyn Welch January 23 2020

Weathered coaches by Martyn Welch January 16 2020

Martyn has weathered two of our GWR coaches for a customer. Very lightly done.

The coaches are almost sold out, so if you want to have one of these then go to the project page.

Weathered coaches and locomotives by Martyn Welch November 15 2019

We only have 6 coaches remaining and the same number of Dean Goods.

Coaches weathered by Neil Podbery October 22 2019

Nice work by Neil.

This project is almost sold out with less than 10 coaches left.

GWR Castle running test July 17 2019

clock oil for lubrication December 12 2018

 Windles (100ml) Clock Oil


click here for a link to Cousins website

Another useful tool from Wiha May 10 2017

The magnetiser is very useful to use on the screwdriver to keep hold of tiny steel screws

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