Weathered coaches and locomotives by Martyn Welch November 15 2019

We only have 6 coaches remaining and the same number of Dean Goods.

517 Weathered by Neil Podberry November 14 2019

Update 08-11-2019 November 08 2019

GWR Castle

SMT has been busy working on the GWR Castle. Work on the frames is almost complete now. I will be in Korea to inspect the work before painting. Final small detail correction are being made to the loco bodies before production.


Testing and shipping continues with this project. Martyn has been busy weathering a number of models for customers.

Limited number of stock models for sale.

GWR K14-15

I will be collecting the brass samples this month for inspection and checking.

GWR 850

Corrections are now being made to the drawings with the kind assistance of John Glaze. I have asked for the pilot sample to be painted in the Wolverhampton livery. I am currently working on the paint layout for SMT.

GWR Clerestory coaches

We only have 6 models remaining for this project.


Now that the General design is complete for the NYC Niagara my designer can progress with the drawing for the 4MT.


 The pilot model will be handed to SMT for corrections to the design.

GWR Dean Goods

Only 6 models remain.

SECR D class

Limited number of models remaining

Our next show is Bristol 26th Jan 2020 followed by Swindon in September as more time is being spent in the USA.

Our final projects for the UK market are listed on the homepage menu. No further production runs will be made after these. We will in future concentrate on smaller runs of 10-20.


Progress on the Castle

lots of frames!

Outside and inside cylinders

loco brake rigging

painting of tender bodies and frames 



Coaches weathered by Neil Podbery October 22 2019

Nice work by Neil.

This project is almost sold out with less than 10 coaches left.

GWR 850 October 02 2019

pilot sample is complete now. Test running and detail checking will commence. Then I have asked for the sample to be painted and lined.

GWR Castle September 24 2019

Our exclusive builder SMT continues to work hard on the GWR Castle production.

mainframe assembly


GWR 850 September 24 2019

Work continues to finish the sample model.  Thanks to John Glaze for his research assistance. 

wheel centres and crank axle

brake gear etc

custom made gearbox frames


Update September 20 2019

Cliff and I did another testing session on the 9F’s and another session will take place on Monday.

The K14-15 samples have been shipped for inspection. Once checked we can start on production.

U.K. Projects September 19 2019

Currently, we have six UK projects listed on the website and these will be our last UK Outline models for the time being, as we move over to the production of our USA projects. 

To be clear the following projects are advancing well and will all be completed by our own builder in South Korea, SMT, who has produced the  GWR coaches, GWR 517, GWR Dean Goods and SECR Wainwright D.

  • GWR Castle. Now in full production,
  • GWR K14/15 Passenger Brake Vans. Production samples completed
  • GWR 850 Saddle Tanks. The pilot sample is under construction
  • LNER A1/A3 (only 60 models) Pilot sample completed. 
  • BR 80xxx 4MT (only 60 models) Design for pilot sample underway
  • GWR Manor (only 60 models) Design for pilot sample underway

So if you wish to obtain one the above models please don't hesitate to reserve as these will be our last UK outline models for a while.

We do still have some Dean Goods, SECR Wainwright D, GWR coaches, and BR 9Fs now in stock, DCC sound fitted and ready to run or just to create a stunning addition to your display case.

Our first two USA projects entering production are the Southern Pacific GS-4, 4-8-4 which will be followed by the NYC Niagara 4-8-4. As you know US models are giants compared to the UK loading gauge, but with the American market used to 1:48 rather than the UK 1:43 they can make an ideal diversion and addition to UK collections and in most cases still be run on UK layouts. To find out more about our future US outline models please add the direct link to your bookmarks.

Southern Pacific GS-4 pilot sample.

Design work for the NYC Niagara 4-8-4

GWR 850 September 12 2019

work continues on the 850 sample. I called a halt until we could include the corrections John Glaze sent us to back date the model with proper Wolverhampton details.

further updates to follow shortly 

Other sites September 10 2019

Check out the latest news from Paul Bambrick here Showing his work on the 4mm Kingswear project.

Martyn Welch has been busy with our 9F models and Dean Goods, see his latest news here

Check out Neil Podberry's work which now includes commissions for scenery here

Also a new bookseller Branchstow. here

"Branchstow are specialist railway booksellers, with a particular emphasis on high quality books produced by small independent publishers.

With this approach, we offer books that are not widely available, and carefully select only the finest books to the extent that each one comes with our recommendation."

GWR K14/15 PBV Update September 10 2019

First off Malcolm and I really enjoyed the Swindon show at Steam and look forward to attending in 2020. Many thanks to the organizers and staff at Steam. 

Samples are now complete for the K14/15 vans. They should be here next week for inspection. Mr. Song and his team at SMT have done a great job and we look forward to production starting soon.




BR 9F Update September 10 2019

With all of the 9F's here in the U.K., we are down to 13 models available to order. More testing of the 9F's will continue over the coming weeks, before we ship we unwrap every 9f to check it over, update to the very latest firmware on the ESU sound chip and give the loco a run round the layout, before re-packaging up into our custom-designed secure box for shipping by DHL.

Here is a short video of one of the 9F's on a train of Accurascale HUO wagons after testing had finished.

GWR k14-15 vans September 02 2019

progress is being made on the production samples.


Weathered black 9F by Martyn Welch August 30 2019

Weathered 9F August 23 2019

Martyn Welch has done a fine job of weathering one of our 92220 models for a customer. The subtle weathering really helps show the detail rather than obscure it.

Weathered Dean Goods for sale August 13 2019

This BR Dean goods #2537 was weathered by Martyn Welch and is for sale for £2800.

See the project page click here


BR 9F August 13 2019

The final shipment of models including the stock will be here and cleared through customs within the next two weeks. Then checking and testing will commence.

Each customer will be contacted to arrange shipping or we can delivery at the Swindon show on the 7-8th September.

Castle & K14 update August 12 2019

lots of tenders!

Castle frames under construction

K14-14 PBV parts back from the press shop. Ready for assembly

Shows 2019 August 12 2019

Don't forget we will miss Guildex this year due to Lee having family commitments. We will be at Steam in Swindon the on the 7-8 September and look forward to Guildex 2020.  


Available now August 12 2019

GWR 2515 Available now from stock.

92037 available now from stock

Something to put inside the GWR K14-15 Vans?? August 08 2019

I came across this site via Martyn Welches website.

GWR 850 Versions August 08 2019

With thanks to John Glaze and Steve Bromhall we have been able to finalise the designs for the GWR 850 project.

These drawings show the details on each version and are now fixed.

Version 1. Wolverhampton livery 


Version 2. Swindon livery. Indian red/green

Version 3. c1920. Polished dome/safety valve bonnet and copper cap chimney. "H" spoke wheels. 

Version 3B #1925 c1930's. Great Western on the tank and painted dome/safety valve bonnet. "H" spoke wheels

Version 4.  #2007 a few months before being withdrawn in 1949. "H" spoke wheels


GWR K14-15 July 29 2019

I have now had the final costings for this project and the total amount of the run. Building costs have increased and the £ has not recovered from it's low against the Korean Won in 2016, so the price has had to have a small increase, which includes all existing orders. Rest assured you will be getting our unbeaten quality and if you are in doubt just look at the superb work SMT have delivered already. 

These are the last pieces of rolling stock we will be making for the UK market so don't hesitate and reserve the version of your choice now.

We will make a total of 180 of these vans spread across two diagrams and four liveries. 1898 lined brown & cream, 1912 (Lake), 1922 lined brown & cream, 1927 brown & cream.

Price £995 inc VAT for reservation holders.

Post-production price £1095 inv VAT

K14 sample drawing

K15 sample drawing

pilot sample parts