GWR 850 March 31 2024

Here is a look at the finalised drawing for the Wolverhampton 850 after Malcolm Mitchell and I worked on the fine details.

Once all the frames for the 4 versions are completed I will visit the factory for inspection of the work before they start the loco bodies.

Ordering the etch design, then etches, lost wax brass patterns, wheels, CNC machined brass gearboxes etc will keep our builder busy. Once parts come in we will post photos.

BR 80xxx 4MT tank March 01 2024

Design work will start next month for the BR 4MT tank pilot sample build. 

We look forward to showing progress on this project.

GWR 850 test run December 05 2023

Test running the GWR 850 sample on Bucks Hill. The model happily pulls this short mineral train!

Please note reservations for the 850 project end on 22/12/2023 

GWR 850 November 28 2023

Cliff has finished the DCC sound install on the production sample. This will be used by our builder to do the factory install for the production. Now we can finish the production drawing corrections. The builder will then start work on the frames and the designer will start on the BR 80xxx 4MT design.

GWR 850 October 05 2023

We now have the 850 sample. Work has started on corrections. Next stage will be giving Cliff the model to fit DCC sound which the factory will copy for production.

GWR 850 /BR 80xxx September 19 2023

The sample is shipping to us within the next two weeks. Once any drawing corrections have been made then the project will go into full production.

We are in discussions to extend the 850 production with 10 extra models if there is interest.

Once production is underway with the 850 project, then work will begin to make the BR 80xxx sample. Firstly a set of 3D CAD drawings will be made and once corrections are complete then work will begin on the sample model as we have done with the GWR 850.

Sample just waiting on couplings before shipping.

One of the available versions for the BR 80xxx 4MT project.

GWR 850 September 18 2023

Quick screen grab of the 850 sample being test run before being shipped to us.

We will get some footage once Cliff and Bryan have fitted the sample with DCC sound. Once happy the factory uses our set up as a guide for fitting the production models.

GWR 850 September 13 2023

The wheel sets and gearbox are now complete for the sample model. Final assembly is taking place and we will soon have the model for inspection.

You can see the custom made CNC machined gearbox designed specifically for this project.

GWR 850 August 30 2023

The last job to complete the 850 sample model is the wheel and gearbox assembly. 

Parts including the CNC custom brass gearbox are shown below. The wheels have an etching to form the rear of the H spokes.

GWR Castles July 25 2023

For information and photos of completed models see the project page. Click here

BR 5034 Corfe Castle is available from stock


GWR 850 July 15 2023

The production sample will be completed at the end of the month now we have received the bespoke motors.

I'm looking forward to checking the sample and working with Cliff to install the DCC sound, then running tests. The factory will then use our set up to factory install the DCC sound system. Our new builder continues to get the work done!

Castles May 24 2023

We continue to work through assembly, testing and delivery of the Castles. We will email a photo of the completed model along with a final invoice once ready to ship.

One of the models delivered recently.

GWR 850 May 20 2023

Progress is being made on the sample with etches and laser cut parts now made. 

GWR 850 March 20 2023

Work has begun on the production sample, with lost wax brass patterns being made. Wheels/crank axle/gearbox are also being made.

Tony Reynalds March 14 2023

Tony sadly passed away last week. He was a friend and mentor. He supported me in this business from the start, from helping with drawings to supportive feedback as well as collecting a number of models. He was always willing to share techniques and was a constant source of encouragement. I will miss our chats and visits. Malcolm Mitchell and I enjoyed many a good chin wag with Tone in the workshop after the Bristol show.

Tony in his workshop.

Castles March 11 2023

Assembly & testing continues. Final testing takes place on Cliff Williams railway so we can check on a complete oval circuit. 
group of Castles ready for final testing 

Update March 03 2023

Unfortunately Covid has struck our team so we will be unable to attend Kettering this weekend.

Shipping by DHL will commence next week, pictured below is the box used. The loco is bolted to a thick Perspex base, something we have done since the LMS Patriot project. This allows for safe shipping worldwide. Note that we will be in contact to arrange a suitable shipping date. 

Our new builder was in contact today to confirm he has started on the GWR 850 project. We will post updates on this project shortly.

Castle test run February 24 2023

Double header filmed by Cliff.

Please note as per the project page, each customer will be contacted individually when their model is ready for shipping. Then final invoices will be issued and arrangement's made to ship by DHL.


Castle test run January 22 2023

Thanks to Cliff Williams for a video showing a production model under test.

GWR K14 running on Bucks Hill December 30 2020

Kevin Wilson sent a short clip of his 1912 livery K14 running on his layout

GWR K14/15 at Snow Hill ! November 04 2020

Thanks to Michael Price for this picture of his newly delivered PBV’s on his Snow Hill diorama 

clock oil for lubrication December 12 2018

 Windles (100ml) Clock Oil


click here for a link to Cousins website

Another useful tool from Wiha May 10 2017

The magnetiser is very useful to use on the screwdriver to keep hold of tiny steel screws

click here  to go to the web page

Useful screwdrivers May 06 2017

We use Wiha PicoFinish 261 P drivers which fit perfectly on the metric screws used by the Korean builders. Part number 00513 PH000 or 00512 PH00

click here for a link to the Wiha website. They are also available on