Bulldog Kit for sale July 18 2019

Malcolm Mitchell has a Martin Finney Bulldog kit with AGH machined wheels for sale. Click Here

Last 6 Dean Goods July 18 2019

The last 6 GWR Dean goods models are shown on the project page. Click Here

GWR Castle running test July 17 2019

GWR Castle interim payment July 16 2019

now we have the production sample the interim payments are due.

a payment link can be found on the Interim and Final payments page of this site.

Cliff kindly set up the DCC on the sample and test run. It happily runs on a radius just less than 6’.

the sample is shown here on Cliff’s railway during test running.

GWR Lake livery D20 Brake 3rd for sale July 12 2019

We have a GWR D20 brake third in lake livery for sale. £1285 inc VAT

GWR E53 1St-2nd Clerestory for sale. July 12 2019

One of our customers is selling his E53 Coach. This version is sold out in our range. Contact us if you are interested and we will forward your details.

pictures of the actual coach for sale below.



GWR Castle production sample July 12 2019

We have taken delivery of the production sample from our exclusive builder SMT. Cliff has taken the model to set up the DCC sound and running. It will then best tested and any changes noted for production.

Malcolm and Lee are working on the detail corrections.

BR 9F July 12 2019

Another good testing session last night, as we work our way through the last of the first batch. The second batch is due to ship shortly.

92037 pictured below is available now.

Photos from the test running session.

SECR D July 11 2019

Front cover of the Railway Modeller!

Swindon Railway Festival 2019 July 11 2019

We are attending this event on the 7th & 8th September.

click here for more information

STEAM Swindon

GWR CASTLE July 06 2019

Work is progressing well on the Castle project with the production sample almost complete, thanks to the hard work of Mr. Song and his team at SMT. Although SMT has already produced superb models for us we believe the Castle is another leap forward, with a huge amount of research undertaken by Lee and Malcolm Mitchell. And all the production models will have the beautifully CNC machined coupling and connecting rods by Anthony Duarte in California. Thanks to my good buddy Jimmy Booth of PBL/GPM for hooking us up with Anthony.

Please don't hesitate to make your reservation for your favorite Castle as we have very little time left to make any changes to suit your chosen model.

Why not have a look at the models made by our exclusive builder SMT that are available from stock now.

GWR Dean Goods click here

GWR Clerestory coaches click here

SECR Wainwright D click here

Photos showing current progress below

production sample waiting on the CNC machined real copper chimney cap

a reminder of the superb quality of the CNC machined rods

some of the custom made CNC machined gearbox sides

tender frames at the paint shop

tender bodies under construction

Neil Podbery Fine Art June 21 2019

Have a look through Neils website to see his excellent artworks and he is now offering scenery work too.

GWR 850 June 17 2019

The sample continues to take shape. The gap between the tank and cab front is prototypical. The boiler feed pipes go in this space.

Castle and 850 June 10 2019

Good progress continues on the Castle sample, including the test set of CNC machined nickel silver coupling and connecting rods by Anthony in California. These will adorn all production models lifting this project to a new height of quality not seen before in UK RTR brass.

SMT has also started the GWR 850 sample. Scroll down to see the progress!

5029 underway at our builder SMT.

CNC Machined rods. The photo shows rear and front jointed versions as found on the Castles.

superb detail and quality

GWR 850

After consultation with Wolverhampton expert John Glaze, we have the revised the version 1 Wolverhampton livery model. This now features true Wolverhampton works details such as the rolled top chimney and buffers as shown above.

pilot sample under construction

GWR Castle June 06 2019

Work continues on the Castle project with the sample being made, so we can make our final checks.


0 Scale West May 21 2019

The office is now closed until 10/06/19 as I attend O Scale West in California. Once back, testing and shipping of the SECR D class and BR 9F models will resume.

Below is our Southern Pacific GS-4 sample, ready for the show


BR 9F May 16 2019

The first batch has arrived. Cliff will be working on the revised DCC settings with Bryan. Then we will test each model before contacting customers to arrange shipping.

Some of the models waiting to be checked.

SECR Models April 25 2019

The models have arrived and after checking shipping will commence.


SECR & BR 9F update April 17 2019

9F models have been inspected and are now being packed ready for the first batch to be shipped. 

Packing changed to our normal style which ensures safe shipment.

We will be testing each model and then contacting customers to arrange delivery.

SECR Models packed and ready.

Update April 03 2019

SECR D class ready for inspection after my inspection visit to Primote for the 9F project.

Research material is now being collected for the GNR/LBSCR Atlantic project. If you have anything that would help from photos to drawings, please get in touch!

Work continues on the Castle project production with the tenders. During my visit I will go over details for the locos with the builder. With thanks to Malcolm Mitchell and Bob Meanley, this will be the ultimate Castle model.

copper caps to added, then they are done.

neatly done, pressed rivets.

Hawksworth tender under construction

some of the castings required


SECR UPDATE March 30 2019

SECR D Class

I will be traveling to our builder in a few days to begin inspection of the models and oversee the shipping. All models will be shipped during April. We will contact you to arrange a suitable date.
A new  video has been added to the project page. Click Here

SECR D CLASS VIDEO March 28 2019

Our SECR Wainwright D has been tested on Newhurst O Gauge layout by Cliff Williams. Cliff will have the Wainwright D in action on Newhurst layout at Railex 2019 25th & 26th May 2019 in Aylesbury. 
Click here to go to the project page

Update March 23 2019

The SECR D class project is now in the final stages of assembly and the etches have arrived for the GWR Castle tender etches for the complete production.

The next phase for the Castle project is making the production sample locomotive. This will be checked by Bob Meanley of Tysley and ourselves for any final corrections. Without doubt these will be the finest Castle models every made, in both detail and quality of build.

GWR Castle Tender etches

Update March 20 2019

We have our inspection date fixed for the BR 9F’s on the 10th of April. I am looking forward to getting the batches of models shipped. Cliff and I will test run every single model before shipping to customers.

Production has started on the GWR Castle project at SMT. First part is construction of the tenders. I will be posting photos in a week or two.

The SECR D class project will be finished at the end of this month and shipping will commence next month.

We have also been very busy with our first American project, the Southern Pacific GS-4.