9F for sale May 28 2021

We have a 9F for sale from a collection. We have tested the model and replaced the missing lamps-tools. Only displayed. SOLD

 GWR 517 SOLD.

Castle Update May 24 2021

The pressed brass wheel centres have now been delivered. These will go to the wheel assembly man. He will machine these, add crankpins, add the CNC machined tyres and insulation, bearings and crank axles. Then we will have the finished wheelsets.

Castle update April 28 2021

Progress is being made on the wheels 

today we have pictures of the assembled crank axles (these are CNC machined rather than castings) and CNC machined tyres awaiting the brass centres 

GWR Castle April 07 2021

With our designer back at work, we have been making progress on the design corrections. Not easy over Skype!

He has just sent the revised drawings for checking and when checked and matched for each order he will correct the individual part drawings. These cover every single component used on the models.

Then production of the bodies can go ahead. 

One of the many AutoCAD drawings covering this standard class!


Castle frames January 22 2021

Here we have all the Castle frames cleaned ready for painting. To keep the production moving along parts are sent for painting as they are made. And consist of many sub assemblies. This means the paint shop is not overwhelmed and the sub assemblies save a huge amount of time in masking parts.


Castle tender January 17 2021

photos from the paint shop. A last check on the lettering/crests for each order and the painter can complete his work.

Just a few completed tender bodies here!

and the frames. you can see the holes for the tender speaker. As always we will focus on getting the best out of DCC sound with the help of Cliff and Bryan

And a reminder of  the production sample being test run. As you will know constant testing is how we insure the final models will perform as they should straight from the box. Speakers are in the tender and smokebox to give full effect to the magnificent Castle bark!

Thanks to Cliff for the video


Announcement January 16 2021


January 16 2021

Our planned merger with Masterpiece Models will unfortunately not now go ahead as the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted and delayed business world-wide. The collaborative projects envisioned under the merger are not supportable in the near future, so we have therefore taken the difficult decision to revert to our original project schedule.


I have had a positive Skype meeting with our long term established builder SMT. Normally we work on multiple projects simultaneously, but due to the current worldwide pandemic we will focus on one project at a time, with the decision made to focus first on the GWR Castle project. This is currently at an advanced stage, with tenders built and painted, and loco chassis progressing well. Once we complete the Castles we can then move on to the GWR 850, 80xxx and A3. Click here


The GWR 850 design work is ready for progressing once the Castle is completed. As soon as I have been vaccinated I will travel to Korea to SMT as so much more can be accomplished face to face with the builder. This will be my first visit since the pandemic arrived and caused us all so much upheaval in our lives.


The recent GWR K14/15 coach project has delivered some stunning work, constructed again by our builder Mr Song at SMT. As with all the models by Mr Song, they are thoroughly inspected before shipping, which ensures we have no issues. We have tested the latest coaches down to 5ft radius and they perform faultlessly, so now is the chance to secure what will be the last UK coach project built in Korea to the absolute highest of standards.


We hope you are all coping with the current climate. Rest assured Mr Song and I will do our very best with the Castle project to give you something to look forward to.

Last GWR PBV in 1912 crimson lake livery January 06 2021

This is the last of the crimson lake models. Corridor K15. #1097

Available now for immediate dispatch  click here 

SOLD! Don't wait until it's to late folks to get the last coaches of this quality! 

GWR K14 running on Bucks Hill December 30 2020

Kevin Wilson sent a short clip of his 1912 livery K14 running on his layout

Weathered SECR D Class by Martyn Welch December 02 2020

GWR K14 (non corridor) & K15 (corridor) passenger brake vans are available from stock November 20 2020

GWR K14/15 at Snow Hill ! November 04 2020

Thanks to Michael Price for this picture of his newly delivered PBV’s on his Snow Hill diorama 

K15 running on Bucks Hill October 07 2020

Weathered 9F October 02 2020

Scale 7 9F weathered by Neil Podberry

GWR K14/15 PBV September 25 2020

The models are now being cleaned and prepared for shipping to us next month.

Reservation price of £995 inc VAT ends 30th September. from 1st October the price will be £1195 inc VAT

GWR K14/15 PBV September 22 2020

Only 3 days left until the reservation discount price ends! £995 inc VAT until 30th September.

 The full price will be £1195 inc VAT from October 1st.

GWR K14/15 PBV September 11 2020

Our builder sent these photos today.

Production samples are being shipped to us next week. More photos will be posted then.

Shipping of the production models will commence in October.

The reservation price will end this month and the full price will be £1195 inc VAT from October 1st.

Once these are shipped the builder will continue with the Castle project. 

GWR K14 update June 17 2020

Some pictures from the paint shop showing the coaches being painted. Samples have been done as shown and corrections made. More photos soon.

a final varnish coat is applied after all the handles etc are fitted.


Finescale Dean Goods from stock May 02 2020

3 Dean Goods in finescale remain. Ready to ship now. click here



GWR K14-15 update April 30 2020

Now that the bogies and underframes are complete our builder has started on the bodies. 

Wheel centres

Customer Models #15 April 24 2020

John Glaze has sent some views of his GWR 517.


Weathered BR 9F April 15 2020

Martyn Welch has sent us these photos of the most recently weathered model. There is still a small selection of 9F's available from stock.

Customer Models #14 April 15 2020

Paul has sent us a line up of his pre-grouping models in the garden 

Customer Models #13 April 09 2020

Michael has sent photos of a Dean Goods and 61xx on his Snow Hill diorama.

Thanks, Micheal!