Remaining GWR Castle available names per livery period May 23 2022

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 Period 1. 1926 - 1934. #4073 - 5032 + 111 & EARLY STAR REBUILDS

  • Period 1. 5005 Manorbier Castle, Collett 4000g tender
  • Period 1. 5007 Rougemont Castle Collett 4000g Tender
  • Period 1. 5010 Restormel Castle Collett 4000g Tender
  • Period 1. 5012 Berry Pomeroy Castle Collett 4000g Tender
  • Period 1. 5029 Nunney Castle. Collett 4000g Tender

Period 2. 1934 - 1939/40. #4073 - 5097 + 111 & STAR REBUILDS + LATER STAR (ABBEY) REBUILDS. Monogram

  •  Period 2. 5009 Shrewsbury Castle Collett 4000g Tender

Period 3. 1939 - 1948/9. 4073-7027 "G twin shield crest W" BRANDING ON THE TENDER SIDES

  • Period 3. 5075 Wellington Collett 4000g Tender
  • Period 3. 5081 Lockheed Hudson Collett 4000g Tender
  • Period 3. 7006 Lydford Castle Collett 4000g Tender
  • Period 3. 5080 Defiant 4000g Tender
  • Period 3. 7001 Sir James Milne Collett 4000g Tender
  • Period 3. 7004 Eastnor Castle Collett 4000g Tenders

Period 4. 1948-1957 4073-7027 EARLY BR Totem ("CYCLING LION") ON THE TENDER SIDES

  • Period 4. 5063 Earl Baldwin, single chimney, Collett 4000g Tender

Period 5. 1956-1965 4073-7027 LATER BR CREST ON THE TENDER SIDES

  • Period 5. 4073 Caerphilly Castle, single chimney, Collett 4000g Tender.
  • Period 5. 4076 Carmarthen Castle, Collett 4000g tender, single chimney
  • Period 5. 5088 Llanthony Abbey. Double chimney, Collett 4000g tender
  • Period 5. 7033 Hartlebury Castle Collett 4000g tender, double chimney

    Castle Update May 18 2022

    Final details are being fitted to the loco bodies and then its time for painting.

    I will inspect the work next week before they are sent to the painters.

    BR Versions ready for paint with the production sample in the background


    GWR Period 1 models having the whistles added


    backheads being assembled

    some of the completed bodies ready for cleaning and paint


    Castle Update May 03 2022

    Work continues on adding the many details to the loco bodies, whilst the tenders are being lined and lettered.

    With luck and a clear PCR test! I will being travelling to Korea later this month for an inspection. Another visit will be made for a final inspection.

    tender frames being lined

    tender bodies being lined and lettered

    Castle Update April 19 2022

    I have now arranged an inspection visit to S.Korea for the end of May.

    this allows me to check the loco bodies before they go to the paint shop. And to go over all corrections to make sure everything has been fully understood.

    it’s my first visit since Nov 2019! So long overdue.

    I will post lots of updates during my visit and hopefully have a chance to visit the paint shop to see the tenders being lined and have decals added.

    I will also have a chance to sit with the builder to discuss the final projects, starting with the GWR 850.

    I will then return to do the final inspection. 
    The builder is busy detailing the 140 loco bodies, it’s a slow job. We will post pictures once they are completed.


    Castle update April 06 2022

     I have been working on the paint layouts in readiness for the loco bodies heading off to the paint shop this month. Below are screenshots from my AutoCad screen. The colours obviously don't represent what will be used. Have a look at the Dean goods and 517 models in our gallery.

    These drawings are a guide for the painters and are used in conjunction with prototype photos. I have also coloured various individual parts for clarity.

    The painters will also use the AutoCad drawings to make the various masking shapes required. These are cut out on a plotter.

    Faulhaber have confirmed that the motors are being made. These are not stock items. They will be with us in time for the builders to do final assembly on the frames whilst the bodies are being painted and lined.


     GWR Period 1 (ignore the purple lettering!)


    BR livery

    Weathered GWR 61XX March 24 2022

    Neil Podbery has done a very fine job of weathering one of our GWR 61xx models.

    photo by D Thomas on Bucks Hill.

    GWR Castle update March 18 2022

    Progress continues at SMT with assembly of the loco bodies. Not long now until the bodies are ready for painting.


    GWR Passenger brake vans March 18 2022

    We now have only 5 1898 K14 non-corridor PBV's and 4 1927 K14 non-corridor PBV's remaining. All 1927 livery K15 PBV's are sold out.


    1898 K15

    1927 K14

    Castle Update March 06 2022

    The decals have now been made. These have been designed directly from our AutoCAD designs. They are screen printed on “reverse” decal papers. This leaves only the lines on the models with no backing. Some areas will be hand lined as required.

    the masking for painting is also designed from our drawings and cut on a plotter. 

    Castle Update March 05 2022

    Assembly work continues, with the cabs and boilers now being fitted to the footplates.

    Castle Update February 22 2022

    SMT continue to make steady progress on the project. Bogies are now back from the painters and ready for assembly. Boiler units are now having lost wax brass details added, footplate detailing is nearing completion and cab sub assemblies are now having side window handrails added etc.

    painted bogies ready for wheels

    boiler units being detailed

    footplate detailing nearing completion

    bags of assembled cab steps ready for attaching to the footplates

    BR version under construction

    Castle Update February 11 2022

    Progress continues on the Castle project by Mr Song and his dedicated team at SMT.

    Balance weights are being fitted to the driving wheels and axle centres are now painted. The wheel is first painted then pressed onto the axle, centres are painted after this process.

    Detailing of the 140 cabs continues with internal bracing, cab seat brackets, prep pipe valves etc using detailed lost wax castings. 

    Splashers are being added to the footplates, all 840 of them! The painted and lined front of the splasher is applied separately, this gives a far better finish and means they are not trying to line behind various pipes etc 

    More progress pictures next week.

    Castle Update January 28 2022

    Work continues on detailing the footplates and a Period 5 late BR version is under construction to allow us to check the details. This is very important for me as I am unable to be in Korea for my usual inspections. 

    detailing of the footplates

    BR version under construction to allow us to check the details.

    Castle update January 24 2022

    Connecting rods assembled to the crossheads ready for nickel plating along with the slidebars. These will be done whilst the cylinders are at the paint shop.

    Castle Update January 21 2022

    Work continues on the various loco body sub-assemblies. And bogies, cylinders are at the paint shop. More updates soon.

    Bogies have been bead blasted ready for painting.

    one of the 280 outside cylinders also bead blasted  and now at the paint shop

    this shot shows the rear of the cylinders, cut away to allow for the extra bogie swing. If not for this you would need very large radius curves! As you can see it's been neatly done. Not just hacked out!

    back heads under construction

    cab detailing continues with internal ribbing and ATC bell boxes added

    footplate detailing, with front cylinder coves and buffers being added

    coupling rods being assembled. These go for nickel plating. Same as all of our previous projects.




    Castle update January 06 2022

    Progress continues on the Castle project. Mr Song and his staff at SMT are working hard.

    Frames are now painted and assembly is starting. Cabs, boilers and footplates are now having detail parts added. 

    Recent orders that have not been invoiced for the interim payment will be sent an invoice shortly. We are very happy to see such good progress and it's a great start to 2022!

    Thanks to all our customers for your continued support.

    all frames are painted

    lots of painted springs

    frames under assembly

    boilers now being details

    cabs being detailed

    footplates being detailed

    Castle Update December 23 2021

    Our exclusive builder, SMT is busy making the footplates and cabs.

    We wish everyone a pleasant holiday season and best wishes for the New Year. Thank you for your continued support.


    Castle Update December 08 2021

    Work has now started on the loco bodies with the boiler units 

    Castle Update November 27 2021

    The frames at the paint shop and more parts have been delivered from the press shop. All the wheels have been painted now. 

    lots of frames in the process of being painted

    fireboxes pressed to shape

    all the wheels are now painted

    riveted valences

    Castle Update November 17 2021

    Work has been progressing on the wheels. Please note we have always used CNC machined crank axles.

    GWR PBV 1927 livery low stock. November 16 2021

    We have low stock of the 1927 K14 (non-corridor) and K15 (Corridor) PBV left. All models are on offer at £1050 inc VAT until December 31st.

    1927 K14 Now only 4 remaining.

    1927 K15 only 1 remaining

    click here

    Castle update November 16 2021

    The frames have gone off for painting now. Here we have the arrival of more riveted and formed parts from the press shop. Also all the cylinders are being completed and prepared for painting and lining.

    smokeboxes all ready. The perforations are to let the sound out, rather than just rely on the chimney orifice. This is something we have done before in an effort to give you the best sound quality. A second speaker is fitted in the tender.

    pressed rivets!

    various components including the front drop plates 

    a few outside cylinders!

    painted lost wax brass loco lamps November 15 2021

    I've found a small number of GWR red and LNER/BR white loco lamps.

    click here

    Castle Update November 04 2021

    More parts are in from the press shop. And the final job of fitting the sandboxes to the frames before painting. This job had to wait until all versions were finalised.

    boilers rolled and ready for assembly

    cab roofs, riveted and shaped

    sanboxes being soldered to frames. These are now to be cleaned ready for painting