BR 80xxx standard class 4 tank

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BR 80xxx 4MT 80000-80154

130 of the class of 155 were built at Brighton, 15 (80000–80009, 80054–80058) at Derby works and 10 (80106–80115) at Doncaster works between 1951 and 1956. The first to emerge was 80010 from Brighton in 1951. Fifteen that were due to be constructed in 1957 were cancelled, due to impending dieselisation, and the last five would have been, too, had they not been at an advanced stage of construction when the order came to cancel them.

No significant modifications were made to the design. The tank vent was found to restrict the driver's vision and was moved further forward from 80059 onwards. Initially built with fluted coupling rods, these caused problems on other classes and, from 80079, plain section coupling rods were substituted. (source wikipedia)


Version 1. 80000-80059 Fluted rods, vent rear position. Early BR 

Version 2. 80000-80078 Fluted rods, vent in the forward position. Early or late BR

Version 3. 80079-80154 Plain rods, tank vent in the forward position. Early or late BR

Smokebox door lamp iron variations will be covered.