Customer Models #5 April 02 2020

Thank to Chris Louth for these shots of his BR period Dean Goods, weathered by Martyn Welch.

Weathered 9Fs by Martyn Welch April 02 2020

Customer Models #4 April 02 2020

Thanks to Alex Brown for this shot of SECR D class locos passing

Customer Models #3 April 02 2020

Kevin Wilsons LMS Patriot on Bucks Hill. Photo by David Thomas. Thanks David! With weathering by Fred Lewis

visit the Bucks Hill website. Click Here 

Customers models #2 April 02 2020

Here are some photos from Tony Harper of his models on display. Thanks Tony!

At work or rest, all photos welcome!

Customers models April 02 2020

First picture we have received is David Thomas’s GWR 517 on a visit to Bucks Hill. It was weathered by Neil Podbery.

please send in your photos if you would like them featured here 


Update and customer photo request April 01 2020

I hope you are all staying safe and using this time to enjoy your hobby to the full. It would be nice to feature customer photos of their Lee Marsh Model Co locomotives and coaches either at work on layouts or on display. So send in your photos and I will post them here.

More photos of the GWR K14 project parts prepared for the press shop.

gaurds duckets


BR Dean Goods March 31 2020

We have a BR Dean Goods #2534 in finescale available now. If you prefer a weathered finish we can organise that with Martyn Welch or Neil Podberry for you.

Click here for the project page

BR Patriot March 24 2020

testing before shipping. 45539 E.C.Trench

New Modelu Catalogue March 24 2020

The new Modelu catalogue is out. We highly recommend these figures. The quality of the 3D printing is very good.

click here for the link

9F with smoke! March 11 2020

One of our customers has recently taken delivery of his Lee Marsh 9F, with added synchronized 

smoke and weathered by Cliff Williams.

The loco is seen working with thirty five 16 Ton Lionheart wagons.

SECR D CLASS & Patriots February 25 2020


#730 in finescale is the last SECR D class in stock!

Only 3 Patriots remaining

Weathered GWR C17 in 1927 livery by Martyn Welch January 23 2020

GWR 850 January 16 2020

The pilot sample has arrived safely in time for the Bristol show.

Weathered coaches by Martyn Welch January 16 2020

Martyn has weathered two of our GWR coaches for a customer. Very lightly done.

The coaches are almost sold out, so if you want to have one of these then go to the project page.

Update January 13 2020

The GWR Castle sample, GWR 850 Painted sample and sample GWR K14/15 PBV are on the way from our builder. Come and see them at Bristol on the 26th.

Scale 7 orders for the GWR K14/15 PBV must be placed no later than January 31st.

Martyn Welch weathered BR Dean goods for sale. £2750. Contact for details

SECR D class almost sold out! January 09 2020

Only 3 finescale SECR D class models remain.

Weathered 9F January 09 2020

Martyn Welch has weathered another of our BR 9F models.

GWR 850 January 03 2020

We have painted the sample in Wolverhampton livery in time for the Bristol show. The safety valve bonnet has been changed to the taller version for this type.

This is a snap from our builder. Once the model is here I can take new pictures.

Update December 27 2019

Work continues on the GWR Castles and production has now started on the K14/15 PBV project. The GWR 850 sample is being painted in time for display at the Bristol show in January.

Castle bogie beams

Tenders at the paint shop

CNC gearboxes now blackened

GWR 850 being finished in Wolverhampton livery. Now awaiting final varnish coat

GWR K14/15 underframes in production

General Update November 30 2019

After a good visit to our builder, we can report projects are moving forward.

The Castle tenders, now complete have been sent to the paint shop for painting and lining. The castle frames are well advanced and the bogies are being made. Time was taken to go over numerous details on the huge production matrix. The next stage is for my final alteration to be made to the loco body drawings. Once done we will print off a side view for each customer so you can see exactly what you are getting.

Only small corrections were needed on the GWR K14/15 project and work starts on the underframes next week.


I have asked for some corrections to the GWR 850 sample, including the larger safety valve bonnet to be fitted. Once completed the model will be painted in the Wolverhampton livery in time for the 2020 Bristol show.

punched rivets on the tanks and inside motion

with the K14 PBV. A laser-cut wooden floor will be added after painting.

inside motion detail.

Models ready to ship

Stocks of our coaches are down to the following,

C17 all third 1912 (lined crimson lake) remaining 

C17 all third 1922 ( lined brown and cream) 3 remaining 

BR 9F stock is down to 11 models.

a beautiful example of weathering on our model by Martyn Welch

A selection of our SECR D class remains in stock for immediate delivery



Weathered coaches and locomotives by Martyn Welch November 15 2019

We only have 6 coaches remaining and the same number of Dean Goods.

517 Weathered by Neil Podberry November 14 2019

Coaches weathered by Neil Podbery October 22 2019

Nice work by Neil.

This project is almost sold out with less than 10 coaches left.