SECR Update October 12 2018

The pilot sample is now complete. During my visit next week we will go over any corrections required and then the sample can be painted in the full SECR livery. Once completed the model will be checked and test run so the DCC sound program can be put together. 

reminder of the livery


Update October 07 2018

I fly out to Asia next week to do my inspections on the Dean Goods and BR 9F and then organise shipping. I will post an update when I am there.

Work continues on the SECR D class sample which will be complete next week. During my visit we will check the model and make any final detail corrections. Production has already started on the tender bodies.

Update September 20 2018

Dean Goods at the final stage with only the decoders to install.

work continues with the SECR sample. 


Update September 15 2018

Dean Goods being prepared for my inspection visit  

SECR sample wheels ready installation 

CNC machined gearbox. Custom designed for each project 

Dean Goods photos September 14 2018

Cliff Williams sent us some pictures of the samples.

Update September 07 2018

Thanks to everyone who came to our stand at this years Guildex. And thanks to the organisers for another great show.

We had a selection of our models on display from production GWR Dean Goods to production BR 9Fs.

GWR Castle pilot sample.          Photo C Williams  

GWR S2 boiler Dean Goods.

GWR period 5 livery Dean Goods. Small selection remains available 

Update August 17 2018

Work continues on the SECR D class pilot sample.

The Dean Goods are on track for final inspection next month before shipping.

SECR D Class progress

Dean Goods frames 

The custom designed CNC machined gearboxes

Period 1

period 2

period 3

period 4

period 5

period 6


GWR Dean Goods August 10 2018

Assembly and painting continues on the Dean Goods.

frames ready for inside motion

inside motion assembly

coupling rods!

domes and safety valve covers

back heads ready for detailing

tender frames being assembled

loco bodies being painted. Pre decals and varnish.

painted tender bodies

decals being applied before the final varnish coating.


Dean Goods, BR 9F & GWR Coaches August 07 2018

I will be going to SMT and Primote to do final inspections and organise the shipping for the Dean Goods & BR 9F next month after Guildex.

All non UK-EU models will be shipped directly from our Factory. 

Reservations close Monday 27th August for Dean Goods & BR 9F. After this date the post reservation full price will be applied.

Production samples will be on display for for these two locomotive projects at Guildex.

Invoices will start going out later this month.


Our GWR coaches are available from stock. If you would like delivery at Guildex let us know soon please. click here for the project page

Gazette Advert August 02 2018

The August issue of the Gazette has our full page advert incorrectly printed.

Here is the copy proof we sent them, just in case you think we are doing brown coaches!!!

SECR D class July 31 2018

work has started on the sample model at SMT.

Cab footplate

Boiler being added 

Basic tender body being formed

Some of the lost wax brass patterns

Dean Goods sample July 29 2018

pictures on Bucks Hill

Dean Goods July 26 2018

Progress continues at our builder SMT with most of the frame parts, both loco and tender now painted.

loco bodies and tender bodies are in the paint shop.

loco bodies cleaned and ready for painting


packed for the paint shop.

various painted components from wheels to tender frames and all the small parts such as brake pull rods etc.

BR 9F update July 13 2018

Just finished my visit to Primote. It was great to work one on one with the staff to check over the detailing and clear up information for the paint shop.

The ladies going over painting details. Our sample models are still used to clear up any detail errors etc even at this late stage. Even with the 3D Primote drawings use, models are still hand soldered in brass. So a sample helps both them and us to find any potential issues.

Here I am using a 2D print out of the GOD to check that the piping is correct on this production  Tyne dock 9F. Bit of a plumbers nightmare!


Different production versions painted ready for the lettering and numbering. I can then check all is ok so they can complete the rest of the models.

Here we have all the loco bodies ready for paint and trays of painted loco frames, tender frames, cylinders etc

Update July 10 2018

I am now in Korea to inspect progress on all projects.

I will post more photos later this week.

here are some views of the Dean Goods production sample.


GWR Coaches July 04 2018

The GWR coaches are now available. Reservation holders have been emailed to arrange shipping.

Weathered GWR 517 June 21 2018

A version 4, GWR 517 weathered by Martyn Welch for customers.

we have 3 of these remaining.

Dean Goods June 15 2018

Progress continues on the Dean Goods, the tenders are now at the paint shop and the loco frames are painted. Assembly of the loco bodies is well underway 

sample at SMT. (the green is lighter due to the fluorescent lights) 

crank axles and motion. Cranks are CNC machined not castings.

tender wheels ready to be pressed onto the axles

painted frames

loco body boilers and footplates ready for assembly

cabs under construction




Weathered GWR 517 models June 12 2018

Outside and inside framed customers models weathered by Martyn Welch

Click here for his website

Dean Goods June 11 2018

Production sample just awaiting plates.

Dean Goods June 07 2018

The painted production sample will be completed and shipped to us next week.

The second interim payment invoices (production sample stage) will be sent out next week.

S4 Boiler model being assembled



GWR Coaches June 04 2018

The GWR coaches are ready to ship to us from our builder.

After inspection we will be in touch to organise shipping to the customers.

now that they are complete the cost will increase this month. Reservation holders will always get a cheaper price as they support the projects.

GWR Coaches May 24 2018

The coaches are now finished. They will be shipped to us at the start of June. After checking we will ship them out.

final invoices are be prepared now. Shipping as always is free in the U.K. and we use DHL.

Update May 23 2018

The office is closed until 7th of June as I attend 0 Scale West in Santa Clara for our SP GS-4 project.

progress continues on the 9F project. Here a Tyne Dock version under construction