Last GWR PBV in 1912 crimson lake livery January 06 2021

This is the last of the crimson lake models. Corridor K15. #1097

Available now for immediate dispatch  click here 

SOLD! Don't wait until it's to late folks to get the last coaches of this quality! 

GWR K14 running on Bucks Hill December 30 2020

Kevin Wilson sent a short clip of his 1912 livery K14 running on his layout

Weathered SECR D Class by Martyn Welch December 02 2020

GWR K14 (non corridor) & K15 (corridor) passenger brake vans are available from stock November 20 2020

GWR K14/15 at Snow Hill ! November 04 2020

Thanks to Michael Price for this picture of his newly delivered PBV’s on his Snow Hill diorama 

K15 running on Bucks Hill October 07 2020

Weathered 9F October 02 2020

Scale 7 9F weathered by Neil Podberry

GWR K14/15 PBV September 22 2020

Only 3 days left until the reservation discount price ends! £995 inc VAT until 30th September.

 The full price will be £1195 inc VAT from October 1st.

Customer Models #15 April 24 2020

John Glaze has sent some views of his GWR 517.


Weathered BR 9F April 15 2020

Martyn Welch has sent us these photos of the most recently weathered model. There is still a small selection of 9F's available from stock.

Customer Models #14 April 15 2020

Paul has sent us a line up of his pre-grouping models in the garden 

Customer Models #13 April 09 2020

Michael has sent photos of a Dean Goods and 61xx on his Snow Hill diorama.

Thanks, Micheal!


Customer Models #12 April 07 2020

Nice shot of a Dean Goods from Brian in Canada on his Roweham layout. Figures are Modelu.

Keep sending in the photos!



Customer Models #11 April 06 2020

Andreas has sent  a picture of his SECR D beside one of the structures for the layout he is building. We hope to see her running on the layout in the future


Customer Models #10 April 04 2020

Pictures by Cliff Williams on his old layout, Harlyn Road.

Keep sending in your photos!


Customer Models #9 April 03 2020

A happy BR 9F customer has sent photos of his model earning its living!

Here are four photos of 92212 on the Down Pines, powering through Prestleigh.  The loco is hauling a ten coach set, which includes a 12-wheel diner.

Customer Models #8 April 03 2020

Trevor in Canada has sent pictures of his 517. He has recently built a small train of Slaters 4 GWR Coaches and is building some wagons for it. He has lightly weathered the model too. Thanks Trevor!

Customer Models #7 April 03 2020

Photos from John and Graeme in Australia. On Graeme's extensive layout. Thanks guys.

If anyone has YouTube footage of your Lee Marsh Models please send me a link and I will feature it here.

Customer Models #6 April 02 2020

Alexander has sent a photo of his collection on display. Thanks!

keep sending in the photos!

Customer Models #5 April 02 2020

Thank to Chris Louth for these shots of his BR period Dean Goods, weathered by Martyn Welch.

Weathered 9Fs by Martyn Welch April 02 2020

Customer Models #4 April 02 2020

Thanks to Alex Brown for this shot of SECR D class locos passing

Customer Models #3 April 02 2020

Kevin Wilsons LMS Patriot on Bucks Hill. Photo by David Thomas. Thanks David! With weathering by Fred Lewis

visit the Bucks Hill website. Click Here 

Customers models #2 April 02 2020

Here are some photos from Tony Harper of his models on display. Thanks Tony!

At work or rest, all photos welcome!