Castle Update November 17 2021

Work has been progressing on the wheels. Please note we have always used CNC machined crank axles.

GWR PBV 1927 livery low stock. November 16 2021

We have low stock of the 1927 K14 (non-corridor) and K15 (Corridor) PBV left. All models are on offer at £1050 inc VAT until December 31st.

1927 K14 Now only 4 remaining.

1927 K15 only 1 remaining

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Castle update November 16 2021

The frames have gone off for painting now. Here we have the arrival of more riveted and formed parts from the press shop. Also all the cylinders are being completed and prepared for painting and lining.

smokeboxes all ready. The perforations are to let the sound out, rather than just rely on the chimney orifice. This is something we have done before in an effort to give you the best sound quality. A second speaker is fitted in the tender.

pressed rivets!

various components including the front drop plates 

a few outside cylinders!

painted lost wax brass loco lamps November 15 2021

I've found a small number of GWR red and LNER/BR white loco lamps.

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Castle Update November 04 2021

More parts are in from the press shop. And the final job of fitting the sandboxes to the frames before painting. This job had to wait until all versions were finalised.

boilers rolled and ready for assembly

cab roofs, riveted and shaped

sanboxes being soldered to frames. These are now to be cleaned ready for painting

Castle Update October 28 2021

Just off a Skype call with our builder. The loco frames are of for painting next week and the soldering starts on the bodies, now all the riveting and shaping has been done. Look forward to regular updates!

pressed rivets give a much better look than etched rivets.

CASTLE UPDATE low stock on Period 2 and 4 October 27 2021

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We only have 2 period 2, GWR 1934-39 Castles remaining.

  • 5009 Shrewsbury Castle Collett 4000g Tender
  • 5070 Sir Daniel Gooch Collett 4000g Tender

We only have 1 period 4, BR 1948-56 Castle remaining

  • 5063 Earl Baldwin Collett 4000g Tender



    Castle Update October 26 2021

    Tender and bogie wheels have come in from the paint shop. 
    more updates soon now that parts are coming in for assembly after shaping/ riveting or painting 

    Castle Update September 15 2021

    Etches have started to come in now. Parts are cut out and send for rolling, pressing and riveting. These have to be carefully sorted according to the many variants. Many hours of preparation work is required for such large complex project.

    Here we have mostly cab parts. With 6 different cab variants we have to label everything carefully!

    cabs, fireboxes, footplates etc

    some of the many sheets of etches.

    these are the cab roof rain strips. These are cut out and shaped.

    Castle Update August 28 2021

    First photos from SMT are the waxes and brass castings plus the loco tires being painted. These are inserted into simple holes in a plastic sheet, this saves extra clean up.

    Castle Update August 12 2021

    After a Skype meeting today the builder has confirmed that etching work for the loco superstructures will start this coming Monday (16th.)

    As soon as the parts start getting delivered we will post pictures and keep you updated on a regular basis.

    Castle update August 11 2021

    The individual part drawings are complete and checked. Etched parts can be ordered now (after the work to make the etching films) and necessary parts sent for rolling and pressing, such as boilers, fireboxes etc

    Work is also starting on revising lost wax patterns and making new patterns for the extra detail I have added.

    As parts appear I will post them here.

    Below, a lovely study of 5000 Launceston Castle in early BR.

    Castle Update July 23 2021

    The designer is now working on the individual part drawings and making corrections were necessary. The main PART drawing contains drawings for every single component, of all 36 versions being made in this project, right down to the springs and washers! The builder has to compile spreadsheets with the number of castings and etches required across the versions. Once these are double checked they place the orders. The first parts to be ordered are normally the etches. The etches that requiring forming, such as the fireboxes, boilers etc will go the a press company. The formers having already been made for the pilot model. Hundreds of components will be delivered over the next few weeks and we will post photos here as they come in and assembly starts.

    Delivery will start in December. I will be going to Korea for inspection before delivery as a project as complex as this must be checked. I am asking for two production samples to be painted and shipped ahead of the main shipping so the DCC settings can be checked and running quality can be checked.


    We have been informed the STEAM exhibition at Swindon in September has been cancelled for 2021.

    We still have a table booked for the Reading trade show in December this year, which will hopefully go ahead.

    Castle update July 08 2021

    This week sees the finalisation of the design work. We now have 36 versions to cover the variations in this project!

    It's not been an easy process doing all this by Skype and email during the pandemic. As many of you know I would visit the factory several times a year and sit with my designer and work on all the various details. Having done a professional course on AutoCad it has allowed me to do some drawing corrections myself to assist the designer. And we now have drawings I am happy with.

    I will need to know if you have a preference for a shed code so the plates can be sorted and etched.

    Now they will begin organising the orders for the etched parts whilst some final changes are made to the part drawings for the patterns.

    Below is an example of our Period 1, 1930's Castle and a late BR period 5 Castle, with double chimney and mechanical lubricator.

    Below are all the brass wheel centres now machined. The crankpins and plain axles are now on order with the CNC company. After that, assembly and painting.

    Castle Update May 24 2021

    The pressed brass wheel centres have now been delivered. These will go to the wheel assembly man. He will machine these, add crankpins, add the CNC machined tyres and insulation, bearings and crank axles. Then we will have the finished wheelsets.

    Castle update April 28 2021

    Progress is being made on the wheels 

    today we have pictures of the assembled crank axles (these are CNC machined rather than castings) and CNC machined tyres awaiting the brass centres 

    Castle frames January 22 2021

    Here we have all the Castle frames cleaned ready for painting. To keep the production moving along parts are sent for painting as they are made. And consist of many sub assemblies. This means the paint shop is not overwhelmed and the sub assemblies save a huge amount of time in masking parts.


    Castle tender January 17 2021

    photos from the paint shop. A last check on the lettering/crests for each order and the painter can complete his work.

    Just a few completed tender bodies here!

    and the frames. you can see the holes for the tender speaker. As always we will focus on getting the best out of DCC sound with the help of Cliff and Bryan

    And a reminder of  the production sample being test run. As you will know constant testing is how we insure the final models will perform as they should straight from the box. Speakers are in the tender and smokebox to give full effect to the magnificent Castle bark!

    Thanks to Cliff for the video


    Last GWR PBV in 1912 crimson lake livery January 06 2021

    This is the last of the crimson lake models. Corridor K15. #1097

    Available now for immediate dispatch  click here 

    SOLD! Don't wait until it's to late folks to get the last coaches of this quality! 

    GWR K14 running on Bucks Hill December 30 2020

    Kevin Wilson sent a short clip of his 1912 livery K14 running on his layout

    Weathered SECR D Class by Martyn Welch December 02 2020

    GWR K14 (non corridor) & K15 (corridor) passenger brake vans are available from stock November 20 2020

    GWR K14/15 at Snow Hill ! November 04 2020

    Thanks to Michael Price for this picture of his newly delivered PBV’s on his Snow Hill diorama 

    K15 running on Bucks Hill October 07 2020