GWR K14/15 Update. 28/10/2020 October 20 2020

The models have now safely arrived. I am on holiday this week, so invoices will be issued from next week and shipping to those who have prepaid via the website will commence next week.

Invoices will be sent from next week. Online payments can be made here 

Each customer will be contacted to arrange a suitable shipping day, by DHL.


boxed and ready to ship.

ANNOUNCEMENT 10/10/2020 October 10 2020





Lee Marsh Model Co and Masterpiece Models are to merge to work collaboratively together on all future 7mm (1/43.5) scale railway models. By combining our skills we plan to produce models with even better fidelity for you all to enjoy as customers. This change takes place with immediate effect.


The current Lee Marsh Model Co build, the GWR K14/15 baggage vans and the GWR/British Railways Western Region Castle 4-6-0, will continue to be sold under the Lee Marsh Model Co name and account, but all future models produced will be presented under the Masterpiece Models’ name. The list of future models planned by Lee Marsh Model Co will be incorporated into the future Masterpiece Models’ builds. The models will continue to be manufactured in Korea.


Masterpiece Models will assist the sales of the last two Lee Marsh Model Co projects and, in the case of the Castle, will also advise on the build. There will be a web page available on the Masterpiece Models’ website to reserve the Lee Marsh Model Co baggage vans and Castle 4-6-0s and the remaining stock of BR 9F 2-10-0 freight locomotives, if you would like to make a commitment via Masterpiece Models’ website. The cost will be the same as on the Lee Marsh Model Co website. All sales of these locomotives will be on the account of Lee Marsh Model Co.


The current Masterpiece Models’ stock of 70XX Castles, 57XX/8750 Panniers, Grange 4-6-0s and 47XX 2-8-0s will continue to be available via Masterpiece Models as will be future projects under build or development (28XX/38XX 2-8-0, Hall and Modified Hall 4-6-0, Western Diesel Hydraulic, and BR Standard Class 5).


The GWR 850 saddle tank locomotives, LMS/BR7P Rebuilt 4-6-0s, the GWR Manor, the BR/LNER A3s and A4s, the BR Standard Class tanks 80000 and 82000 will be developed together by the new team.


The GWR 850 project will follow the Castle programme. We also will now proceed with the Atlantic Project making 55 Brighton and 25 LNER/GNR locomotives. We will continue to supply pre-grouping locomotives for which Lee Marsh Model Co has beaten a pioneering path.


We hope to provide you with a wider choice of models more quickly. To do this we may have to reduce the size of the build which could increase the cost. We will do our best to try to contain any increased costs. This change requires serious discussions with our builders.


Lee Marsh, Kevin Wilson, Malcolm Mitchell and Cliff Williams will join the Masterpiece Models’ team. Together with the existing Masterpiece Models’ team: Adrian Knowles, Bob Meanley, Brian Robertson, Colin Dowling and John Borkowski, we will collaborate on all existing and future projects.


In particular Lee will work on design, production supervision, application of new technology and locomotive research. Lee has previously worked closely with the late Michael Brooks on a number of earlier Masterpiece Models’ locomotives, so he is familiar with the way that Masterpiece Models works on typical projects.


Together we, as the new and much stronger combined team, will do our best to continue to provide you with beautiful museum class models.

 Lee Marsh                                                                   John Borkowski

 Questions and Answers:


Q1.   Why have you decided to put the two organisations together?


A1.    Both entities have a track record of making British Outline model locomotives to a very high specification. We believe that we offer the best quality/value in the market. There has been some duplication of effort and this was a wasteful use of scarce resources. It made better sense to work together. As separate organisations the Competition Rules prevented us previously from close collaboration. Lee Marsh has worked before for Masterpiece Models so he is familiar with most of the ways of working within the organisation.


Q2.   Did the Covid-19 Pandemic have any impact on this decision?


A2.    Both organisations have been affected negatively by the Covid-19 pandemic and also by the continuing uncertainty of the BREXIT negotiations. In managing the business with these uncertainties it made sense to work together.


Q3.   Why have you chosen to retain the Masterpiece Models name?


A3.    Masterpiece Models has been trading for a longer period and is a more generic name, which has a good appeal in the marketplace.


Q4.   How long have discussions being going on?


A4.    Discussions first started in December 2019. We wanted to have a collaborative approach and we have been working together very successfully behind the scenes since that time.


Q5.   What happens to my reservation for a model?


A5.    If your model is a Lee Marsh baggage van or Castle 4-6-0 your reservation will remain in place on the existing Lee Marsh Model Co account and the transaction will be completed when the model is made and delivered to you.


         The other Lee Marsh Models Co projects (850 Saddle Tank, Standard Class 4 80XXX 2-6-4 tank, A3, A4, the Lord Nelson and the 78XX Manor) will completed as Masterpiece Models’ projects.  Reservations made for these models will remain on the account of each specific project. The transaction will be completed when the models are made and delivered to you.


         If your model was and is a Masterpiece Models’ original production, it will remain in place on the Masterpiece Models’ account and the transaction will be completed when the model is made and delivered to you.


Q5.   Why will these changes bring about greater success?


A5.    The experience, skills and profile of the two teams are quite different, but are complementary. We have been working together behind the scenes for several months and have got to know each other. Our approach is collaborative to obtain the best solutions to issues as and when they arrive. Our combined knowledge and skills will be much more helpful together rather than working as separate organisations.

K15 running on Bucks Hill October 07 2020

Weathered 9F October 02 2020

Scale 7 9F weathered by Neil Podberry

GWR K14/15 PBV September 25 2020

The models are now being cleaned and prepared for shipping to us next month.

Reservation price of £995 inc VAT ends 30th September. from 1st October the price will be £1195 inc VAT

GWR K14/15 PBV September 22 2020

Only 3 days left until the reservation discount price ends! £995 inc VAT until 30th September.

 The full price will be £1195 inc VAT from October 1st.

GWR K14/15 PBV September 11 2020

Our builder sent these photos today.

Production samples are being shipped to us next week. More photos will be posted then.

Shipping of the production models will commence in October.

The reservation price will end this month and the full price will be £1195 inc VAT from October 1st.

Once these are shipped the builder will continue with the Castle project. 

Update August 07 2020

I have been working on the spec sheets for Castle customers. At present, I am waiting for the designer to correct some details. The cab variations have taken a while to sort. Normally made much easier during one of my visits to Korea. Just not possible this year. The cabs had the vertical angle irons on the outside with brass beading, then on the inside with beading and in BR days flush. This meant the spectacle plates moved forward. It means, even for a small change a variation in our footplate and firebox etches! The other detail has been the angular BR backhead. We have a drawing for this now and I am waiting on detailed drawings from the designer to check.

Here is an example of the spec sheet that each customer will be sent. The idea is you can double-check your details and if happy return a copy. This is my way of making sure we don't get details mixed up on what is a very complex project.

We are waiting on the GWR K14/15 wheels to be finished and delivered. This will allow the bogies to be assembled whilst the bodies are being painted and lined.

After painting and lining the small parts such as door handles etc are fitted then the coaches are finished with clear lacquer.

Finally, a BR 9F weathered for a customer by Lee in late worn condition.

GWR K14 update June 17 2020

Some pictures from the paint shop showing the coaches being painted. Samples have been done as shown and corrections made. More photos soon.

a final varnish coat is applied after all the handles etc are fitted.


GWR K14 update May 13 2020

The project is almost ready for the paint shop. SMT are making 4 painted samples first covering the liveries so we can check for any corrections.

As soon as the painted samples are completed we will post pictures.

completed bodies ready for paint


Finescale Dean Goods from stock May 02 2020

3 Dean Goods in finescale remain. Ready to ship now. click here



GWR K14-15 update April 30 2020

Now that the bogies and underframes are complete our builder has started on the bodies. 

Wheel centres

Customer Models #15 April 24 2020

John Glaze has sent some views of his GWR 517.


Weathered BR 9F April 15 2020

Martyn Welch has sent us these photos of the most recently weathered model. There is still a small selection of 9F's available from stock.

Customer Models #14 April 15 2020

Paul has sent us a line up of his pre-grouping models in the garden 

Customer Models #13 April 09 2020

Michael has sent photos of a Dean Goods and 61xx on his Snow Hill diorama.

Thanks, Micheal!


Customer Models #12 April 07 2020

Nice shot of a Dean Goods from Brian in Canada on his Roweham layout. Figures are Modelu.

Keep sending in the photos!



Customer Models #11 April 06 2020

Andreas has sent  a picture of his SECR D beside one of the structures for the layout he is building. We hope to see her running on the layout in the future


Customer Models #10 April 04 2020

Pictures by Cliff Williams on his old layout, Harlyn Road.

Keep sending in your photos!


GWR 850 April 04 2020

Thanks to Cliff and Bryan for the setup and sound for the 850. Cliff has taken some footage of the sample being tested on his layout. 

Customer Models #9 April 03 2020

A happy BR 9F customer has sent photos of his model earning its living!

Here are four photos of 92212 on the Down Pines, powering through Prestleigh.  The loco is hauling a ten coach set, which includes a 12-wheel diner.

Customer Models #8 April 03 2020

Trevor in Canada has sent pictures of his 517. He has recently built a small train of Slaters 4 GWR Coaches and is building some wagons for it. He has lightly weathered the model too. Thanks Trevor!

Customer Models #7 April 03 2020

Photos from John and Graeme in Australia. On Graeme's extensive layout. Thanks guys.

If anyone has YouTube footage of your Lee Marsh Models please send me a link and I will feature it here.

Customer Models #6 April 02 2020

Alexander has sent a photo of his collection on display. Thanks!

keep sending in the photos!